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BEST Crypto Hardware Wallets of 2024: Top Crypto Wallets Reviewed

Some people believe that if someone wants to keep the private and personal keys to their cryptocurrencies safe, they need to use a hardware wallet. If you want to store Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies securely for the long term, then you should order a hardware wallet. Since most of these hardware wallets have a waiting period of a month or two due to huge demand, you should order one as soon as possible. Like how you set up any wallet, you need to write down the seed word (recovery phrase) on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. And as your keys are offline, there is no possibility of getting hacked.

Choose the best crypto hardware wallet for your overall needs while weighing which assets you think you’ll need to store. For example, if you’re considering a Trezor but need to store XRP, you’ll need to jump up to a Model T. Trezor’s Model One doesn’t support XRP. Hardware crypto wallets also allow you to split your stack for safety.

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Lastly, open-source code for firmware gives the community a way to keep older devices active even after the manufacturer ends support. If Trezor ends firmware support for the tried-and-true Model One at some point in the future, the community can fork the code and make updates as needed.

The wallet, which can also be integrated with WalletConnect, enables it to be used by establishing a PC connection in this way. The CoolWallet S costs $99 for one device and $159 for two devices. Interoperability with web3-enabled sites is probably the most important feature after security for crypto wallets today. WalletConnect makes it possible to use a wide range of wallets to interact with web3 sites.

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The device can store over 5,500 different currencies and can connect to other wallets. Like the other options here, you can participate in exchanges, staking — which rewards investors for using their coins to validate transactions on the blockchain — and NFT management with a Ledger device. The upgraded version connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth, which is convenient, though some users may consider this less secure than a USB or QR-code connection.

Best hardware wallet

The wallet itself also has a camera to scan QR codes from the mobile app. In this guide, we review the top hardware wallets and detail the features of each, as well as the pros, cons, and supported cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets combine the safety of cold wallets, along with the ease of transactions of hot wallets. The most significant difference between Nano X and Nano S is that the former can hold multiple cryptocurrencies at once. In the Nano S, the users had to manually install and remove the apps to use a particular wallet. However, users can install multiple crypto wallets in Nano X at the same time.

What is a hardware wallet?

Hardware-based wallets generally cost between $100 and $200, though many software-based wallets are free. Choosing which crypto wallet is best for you will come down to how secure you want your assets to be, and how much trading you intend to do. If you don’t have the dongle and your key, you won’t be able to get into the wallet.

Best hardware wallet

If any user can crack the security of the Vault, they can keep the Bitcoin. Avoid buying your wallet from eBay or anywhere else where it might have been interfered with and order straight from the supplier’s website. Most of them also offer free shipping, unless you happen to live somewhere particularly exotic.

We picked Exodus as best for beginners because it’s free, has good customer support, and optional support for cold storage. We chose Electrum because it’s secure, open-source, and offers advanced features and options. The Model T utilizes a touch screen, which can be easier to use for beginners than the buttons their previous model used. The Trezor also has a MicroSD card slot, allowing you to use MicroSD cards to encrypt the PIN and further protect your device from attacks. Its companion app, Trezor Suite, is simplistic and basic, so it won’t scare off the average Joe. I also think it’s cool that you can upload black-and-white photos to the wallet’s home screen.

Best Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Of the hardware wallets we compared, no other device provided this level of security alongside such a broad range of features. Mind you, while Ledger devices have not had any recorded security breaches, the software is closed-source. This means that it is not open to independent scrutiny, and you must place some degree of trust in the manufacturer. Read our full review for more information on the pros and cons of Ledger devices. To help you find the right wallet for you, Forbes Advisor has evaluated the leading options and picked the best crypto wallets available. We’ve separated our list into the best hot wallets and the best cold wallets to further aid your search.

  • In response, NGRAVE designed the ZERO to resist these threats, making its physical structure secure.
  • Avoid buying your wallet from eBay or anywhere else where it might have been interfered with and order straight from the supplier’s website.
  • Your seed phrase should be generated at random by your wallet upon setup and is not sent to you with the device.
  • It’s done through the use of complex mathematical rules known as cryptography.
  • Ellipal Titan looks and feels like a small mobile phone reinforced with aluminium alloy, measuring at 118 x 66 x 9.7mm with an LCD measuring at 3.97inches, it’s resistant to any physical abuse.
  • If you’re looking for storage offline, the Exodus wallet is integrated with Trezor, a highly-ranked cold storage option.

Hardware wallet companies like Ledger and Trezor saw record sales that year as crypto holders fled to the safety of hardware wallets. If you are on the search for a safe way to store your crypto, you hardware cryptocurrency wallet have done well to find this article. However, most providers like Ledger allow users to access your coins with a pin. Users can connect their hardware wallet to your computer and log in with the pin.

We chose to give Billfodl an honorable mention as the best recovery phrase backup device because it helps protect your chosen hardware wallet’s recovery phrase from fire, flooding and any type of decay. Much like how Binance provides you with access to many crypto assets, the SafePal S1 allows you to store potentially unlimited cryptos on 54 different blockchains. Our selection of the https://www.xcritical.in/s uses our custom methodology and is updated by our editorial team throughout the year to reflect changes in the market. Cryptocurrency exists as nothing more than a string of code on a larger blockchain. When you purchase a crypto, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, your proof of ownership is based on a public key and a private key.

How to choose the best crypto wallet

The simple setup process takes just a few minutes, and the wallet costs less than $55 for a 2-card set. Similarly, Cardano (ADA) is not supported on the Model One but is supported on the Model T and the new Trezor Safe 3. It comes with Military grade Secure Element (SE) chip which makes the wallet tamper proof. While providing users with the best possible security, convenience, and functionality for managing their cryptocurrencies and tokens. Bitbox02 hardware wallet has been best described by Business Insider as the best hardware wallet for beginners.

Best hardware wallet

A hot wallet is a digital wallet like MetaMask that’s connected to the internet. While secure, it’s not as secure as a cold wallet, which is a physical wallet that’s kept offline and can only be accessed using a dongle – a physical USB that has to be plugged into your computer. It does not feature Bluetooth support, however — an omission that some security advocates prefer, as Bluetooth connectivity could be an attack vector for hackers to exploit. Coinkite ColdCard Mk4 is a hardware wallet designed for crypto investors who desire the maximum level of security possible.

Coin Prices

Using a hardware wallet is an important security measure, but it creates some extra steps, and there are still some risks. Using software wallets alone is much easier, and you aren’t tied to a physical device that’s probably safely stored at home. Most multi-chain wallets support the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks at a minimum. You may not see assets you hold on the Abitrum Layer 2 blockchain, for example, even though they are in your wallet. However, if you need to authorize a transaction for the hard wallet addresses, you’ll need to connect your hardware wallet to accept or decline. MetaMask asks the device for authorization but never has access to the private keys in your hardware wallet.

That’s why there’s no room for compromise when you choose your wallet. Ledger understands the gravity of security, which is why the components in Ledger devices are the best on the market. Security is absolutely central when you’re deciding which crypto wallet is best for you. To explain, the security level of a hardware wallet depends on the quality of protection layers.

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